Im really sad now… Breakeven time.

Thursday Jan 1 @ 07:04pm
Give me love or hate…
You can bend me ‘til I break
Give me fire, give me rain
I want joy with my pain
I want your fears, your hopes,
The whole kaleidoscope
Sunday Jan 1 @ 08:37pm

I love this music. Mean so much to me.

It’s the way we feel yeah this is real… <3

Sunday Jan 1 @ 08:31pm

6 degrees of separation.

6 degrees of separation.

Sunday Jan 1 @ 08:22pm
It’s hard to get heaven when your born hell bound. Sunday Jan 1 @ 08:18pm

The Script - For The First Time


The Script - For The First Time


Monday Apr 4 @ 05:42am
Sunday Apr 4 @ 05:29pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 05:15pm
I know it makes no sense but what else can I do?

How can I move on when I’m still in love with you?

Sunday Apr 4 @ 04:56pm
,Wish I could stay but hard as I try
I keep running but I don’t know why
I say I’m in love but
Then leave you behind
I can’t take to see pain in your eyes
But we still have to say our good byes.
That’s My Home. Sunday Apr 4 @ 04:52pm
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